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The Miscellaneous Easel

About Me

My Exhibitions


The McLean County Art Center

Armstrong Gallery

Bloomington, IL

July 19 - August 30th, 2019

Cedar Rapids Public Library

Exhibit:  That's My Story

Cedar Rapids, IA 

November - February 2019

Marshalltown Commnity College

Exhibit: Eye Candy

Marshalltown, IA 2017

Jaded Java Coffee House

Exhibit: Rotating monthly

East Moline, IL 2017 - present

Galesburg Civic Art Center

Exhibit: I Met A (Wo)Man

Galesburg, IL 2015

Rock Island Public Library

Exhibit: I Met A (Wo)Man

Rock Island, IL 2015

Bucktown Center for the Arts

Exhibit: Condition Red 

Davenport, IA 2013

Rozz-Tox Coffee House

Exhibit: Miscelleaneous Horsing Around

Rock Island, IL 2013

Sanders Chiropractic Office

Exhibit: Rotating monthly

East Moline, IL 2013 - present


Moline Public Library

Moline, IL

November/December 2019

MidCoast Gallery West/The ARTery

Rock Island, IL

April and May 2019

Quad City Arts Gallery

Exhibit:  Finding Inspiration:

               From Monet to Matisse

Rock Island, IL

December 7th - January 25, 2019

Freeport Art Museum

15th Annual Regional Juried Exhibition

Freeport, IL

November - February 2019

OPEN Exhibit

Los Angeles Center for Digital Art

Los Angeles, CA

August 2018

Members & Friends

Quincy Art Center

Quincy, IL

July 2018

Light, Space Time Internet Gallery

555 Exhibit

July 2018

Special Recognition Ribbon

Moline Public Library

Exhibit:  Leisure Time Pals

Moline, IL 

June-August 2018

Las Lagunas Art Gallery

The 2nd Half:  Over 50 Exhibit

Laguna Beach, CA

June 2018

Elizabeth M. Sinnock Gallery

Exhibit:  Flaunting Felines

May 2018

Quincy Art Center

Quincy, IL 2018

Artless Bastard Gallery

Exhibit:  The Wanderlust Exhibit

May 2018

DePere, WI

Contemporary Art Gallery-On-Line

ALL PAINTINGS Art Exhibition

February 2018

Gallery 7

Exhibit: The Art of Illinois

Joliet, IL 2017, 2018

Maple City Art Fair

Geneseo, IL  

2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Galesburg, IL Civic Arts Center

Exhibits: GALEX 49, 50, 51, 52

Galesburg, IL 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

Galesburg Civic Art Center

Members & Friends

Galesburg, IL 2017, 2018

Bubble Tea Shoppe

Exhibit: Rotating 

Moline, IL 2017

Rock Island, IL  Galley Hop Exhibits

Rock Island, IL  

2014, 2015

Morpho Gallery 

10th Annual Emerging Artist Exhibit

Chicago, IL  2015

Norma Leah Ovarian Center 

Exhibit:  Girl-p-Arts - the Dirty Dozen

Rock Island, IL 2015

Bucktown Center for the Arts

Exhibit: Hot Art in the Summertime

Davenport, IA 2015

Genesis Medical Center

Exhibit: Heart to Art

Davenport, IA 2015

MidCoast Gallery

Exhibit: Winter Wonders

Davenport, IA 2015

Arterie Fine Arts

Exhibit: Nature vs Man

Naperville, IL 2014

Bucktown Center for the Arts

Exhibit: Venus Envy 

Davenport, IA 2014

Figge Art Museum

Exhibit:  Paper Girl Project

Davenport, IA 2013, 2014

Tenn Street Coffee & Books

Exhibit: Red Hand 6

Denver, CO 2013

Living Lands & Waters

Exhibit: Barge Party Exhibit

Rock Island, IL  2013, 2014, 2015


Members' & Friends Exhibit 2018

Galesburg Civic Art Center

Galesburg, IL

Juror's Choice Award

Galex 52

Galesburg, IL

Honorable Mention


Maple City Art Exhibit

Geneseo, IL 2018

Honorable Mention

Geneseo Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Center

Tourism Magazine Cover 2015

"All Women"  on line Competition

Award Ribbon

Galex 49 Exhibit

Award of Excellence

Art Exhibeo On Line Magazine

Exhibeo Magazine Cover

Arterie Fine Arts

Exhibit: Nature vs Man

Naperville, IL 2014

Special Award Ribbon

Wet Paint Exhibit (on line)

"All Women" Exhibit (on line)

Professional Memberships:

Geneseo Art League and Gallery

Geneseo, IL

Galesburg Civic Art Center

Galesburg, IL

Left Bank Art League

Moline, IL

Quincy Art Center

Quincy, IL

Artist Statement

Elaine Shepherd Rexdale

Elaine Rexdale officially began her love affair with painting by secretly responding to a "Draw Me" newspaper ad when she was nine years old.   However, most of her art has come later in life.

Her thirty-five years involvement in early childhood education has probably influenced her art more than any other experience. The morning painting sessions begin with fresh coffee followed by bold lines and intense colors on the canvas. I She uses black and white sparingly as highlights, then adds free movement brush strokes and detail as appropriate. There are no favorite tools; everything is a possibility to use to create a painting. Sometimes she follows artistic rules, and sometimes she breaks the rules. She does what the canvas asks to create a story or feeling.

Elaine was born and reared in Rock Island, Illinois. Life took her to an army base in Louisiana, a large hospital in New York, and volunteer work in Florida, only to return home in the Midwest. She has participated in multiple juried group exhibitions as well has several solo art exhibits.

Her art is regularly exhibited throughout the Midwest and held in private collections in twelve States.

When not at the easel she is playing competitive billiards.



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